Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aaaaand we're back

First off, I have to apologize for the extended hiatus. The last week has been absurdly busy and has maxed Karen and I out physically, mentally, and emotionally. To briefly recap, Landon cried most of the night Saturday and prevented much successful sleep. With Karen's emergency trip to the hospital on Sunday night, we spent another night with no sleep. I had a Toxicology final Monday morning, which went surprisingly well, followed by another evening and night of no sleep due to necessary systemic pathology studying for a Tuesday morning test that I was poorly prepared for. At 2:00 Tuesday afternoon I completed a make-up test for a radiology exam I had missed the day of Landon's emergency transfer to Topeka. That moment was probably the most tired I have been in my life. I actually fell asleep taking the exam once. For those counting, the end result was almost 80 hours with under six hours of sleep. It all caught up with me Tuesday afternoon and I finally had to stop and lay down.

I slept until nearly midnight Tuesday before I finally forced myself awake to study for my radiology final the next morning. Studying one month of notes in 9 hours is a testament to the elasticity of the human brain. When I made it back from the exam I was rested enough to take over for Karen for a few hours so that she was able to nap and catch up on sleep some. My busy schedule left Karen alone in caring for Landon which is no small task. Waking every three hours to feed, change diapers, and pump for Goat doesn't leave much time to care for yourself. Combined with her D and C on Monday afternoon for the bit of retained placenta, she was physically worn down by Wednesday afternoon as well.

By the time Karen woke up Wednesday it was my turn to sleep again before another all night marathon study for my Thursday morning clinical pathology test. We adapted our schedule to fit our madness for the Thursday and Friday. I slept in the afternoons after my tests while Karen cared for Landon and we switched so that I could study and watch Landon through the night and Karen was able to sleep. To call the completion of finals week a relief is a huge understatement. I'm sure we will feel the aftereffects of our mental marathon for a few days but we are back to a more normal schedule now and are recovering.

Landon was very accommodating for us during our wild week. He had a small seizure Monday afternoon and has been event free since. He has shown continued development in several areas, particularly his body strength and ability to maintain is vocal cords. His breathing is much last squeaky/raspy during the day and he is sleeping better at night. He still wakes up to cry every night at about two but his sessions have shortened progressively and he usually falls back asleep after half an hour or an hour of rocking. We still haven't discovered what wakes him up at the same time every night but our working theory is that he gets headaches. We will have to ask his pediatrician at his appointment Wednesday.

We ventured out with Landon to a farewell party with some vet students on Friday night. It's amazing how spending so much time with a group of people really makes them feel like family. We relaxed by the lake with poles in the water and chitchatted about our various plans for the summer. We will definitely miss our support group while they go to far-flung adventures in Europe, Africa, California, New England, and elsewhere but I'm sure the summer will fly by until we see them again in August. I know we are all anxious to get started on more hands-on classes, surgery in particular.

We left Saturday morning for my parent's house in Nebraska, where we will be staying for a large portion of the summer. I am lucky to have an externship with Dr. Gigstad, a large animal veterinarian in Syracuse, NE, so that I can still gain some experience this summer. The extra hands and eyes to help with Landon will be a nice change for Karen and I as well as for our families. This gives them a chance to finally spend some extended time with Little Goat and watch him grow and learn little skills all the time. We were ecstatic to get our dogs, Zeke and Charlie, back when we arrived back at my parent's house. Their constant affection and boundless energy is a wonderful thing to have around.

We are currently in Wahoo visiting Karen's family and celebrating Jamee's 20th birthday. We will head back to Elmwood tonight and set up the bedroom for an extended stay with my mom and dad.

Thank you all for your patience while we survived this week. The outflow of support has been incredible and I apologize if I caused any concern or worry with the blog hiatus. I will continue with daily updates from this point forward, barring any major time restrictions that may interfere with producing the page.

Much love to you all from the Shrader family

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