Sunday, May 12, 2013


Landon gave us another easy night yesterday and we are starting to think we might be through the worst. I say this with trepidation as I'm sure I'm probably jinxing the situation. I think a lot of Landon's nighttime distress stemmed from his sore umbilical cord and, now that the cord is gone, we will hopefully have some more restful nights. I took several of Landon's feedings in a row last night, hoping to give Karen some extra rest. Unfortunately, the negative aspect of my attempt at kindness is that I was exhausted during the day today. After finally getting into my first deep sleep at around 10 this morning, I was in and out of sleep until almost 6. This has left me woefully ill-prepared for my finals this upcoming week and I'm anticipating late nights for the next 5 or 6 days consecutively, crying baby or not.

The weekends have turned into recovery times for the hectic running about we do during the week. With no appointments or tests to run off to, we actually get a chance to have some restful time with our son. Karen and I mowed the yard this evening and even that seemed relaxing. We seem to be perfecting the art of enjoying quiet time. Moments of silence happen rarely enough, particularly with a baby, so when that time does come around, Karen and I bask in it. Having gotten familiar with a baby that screams through the night, these past few nights have seemed strangely calm despite still getting up every couple hours to feed him.

The only real excitement today was Landon's increased feed dosage from 65 to 70 ml every three hours. He has been handling his food well and filling diapers faster than we can count. As long as he continues to tolerate the increases, his feedings will go up 5 ml per week. It's nice to see his muscles get stronger every day as he holds his head up a little longer, pushes a little harder with his arms and legs, and pulls his legs up easier as his abdominal muscles develop. More food per meal will definitely help him continue to get stronger. Even his vocal cords seem to be getting stronger as his breathing is not as loud or raspy.

Karen and I continue to be blessed every day and have grown in faith through this time. We are still of the opinion that we've been chosen to be Landon's parents for a reason and, as such, we continue to try and pack as much love into every day as we are able. A little boy with special need like Landon requires a special effort on our part to be simply adequate and yet another step above to make sure his life is exceptional. Each day is a fight for him and so we choose to fight for him as well.

As it has rolled past midnight into Sunday morning, I want to wish my mom Kris and mom-in-law Denise a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all your love and support. I'd also like to wish Karen Happy Mother's Day from Landon for the first time. Don't forget to sent your thanks and love to your mom today. If each child is a flower, than every mom is a garden. Sometimes she has to get dirty and smelly. Sometimes she is left empty and alone, waiting for her flowers to come again. But none of us would bloom into beauty if they didn't let us sink our roots in deep and provide us the nourishment of their love.

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