Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hoping for some relaxation

What a long day. Karen was supposed to go into surgery this morning between 7 and 8 but her surgery was pushed back repeatedly due to other emergencies that came into the hospital. I eventually had to leave her to take my toxicology test and I fully anticipated her going into surgery while I was away. I felt awful for leaving her there but rescheduling finals in vet school is not an easy task, particularly for toxicology where we only have one test for the entire semester. To my surprise, Karen was still waiting when I returned in the late morning and only got into surgery at 1:30. For as long as we waited, the actual surgery was incredibly short. Karen was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Jess was an incredible babysitter and watched Landon all night and day for us, from midnight last night until 4 o'clock this afternoon when we finally got home. She did an incredible job with him, especially when you consider that we called her in the middle of the night and had to teach Landon's special care requirements over the phone. Just another reminder of the incredible friends we have around us. Karen's sister Jamee drove down this afternoon to help us care for Landon during this week so that I might have more time to study and Karen could take it a bit easier after her procedure.

Landon shocked me today while changing his diaper. He was very fussy this afternoon, I think from gas, and was arching his back and twisting side to side. During his fit I cleaned him up and left him diaper free for a moment on the changing pad while I opened a new diaper. The cold of the pad must have surprised him but he took a big breath, twisted to his right, and rolled over! I know this is different from an intentional roll-over that they look for as a developmental milestone but I was blown away by how strong he is. He stopped crying pretty quickly after he made it to his stomach, more from shock than comfort I think.

Once again, I'll leave the blog brief today in order to accommodate my new study hours. Karen would like to thank all of the people who wished her well today and would like them to know that she is doing well and getting plenty of rest.


  1. I am glad the surgery went well.

  2. Happy to hear that Karen is home and doing well, and just as happy to hear that Landon found his tummy (no matter how he did it)! I know there are many more amazing Landon moments to come!

  3. my nephew rolled over from like...16-20 days old, then forgot how for a few months :)