Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rolling over

Karen and I have really been enjoying our time back in Kansas so far. It has been wonderful to see some old friends and I have been very fortunate to extern at the Blue Hills Animal Hospital this week. Landon must be enjoying Kansas as well because he has really had some good days and nights these past few days. While he still cries during the night, we can usually get him to fall back asleep sooner rather than later. He has begun having fussy periods during the day but fussing during the day is a thousand times more tolerable than in the middle of the night.

I was spurred to blog today by a huge accomplishment by Landon. His physical therapist came to our home today while I was at the vet hospital and worked with him on developing muscle tone and checking his development. According to her, Landon has near normal levels of mobility and physical milestones. He is still weak and has poor tone but he really is making strides and keeping up with his age group much better than expected. We couldn't be happier with where he is at right now. He even rolled over for the therapist today, once while asleep and again after he was awake. He rolled from both front to back and back to front, which is actually a step ahead of the curve. Some of his muscles are very strong but unfortunately others are weaker than would be expected.

Recently, I have been gone during the majority of the day and have only been home at night. I know it is hard on Karen to care for Landon by herself for most of the day but she has been so resilient and hasn't complained. As we continue to progress through the difficulties we encounter, I am frequently reminded of the amazing blessing of her in my life. I couldn't be luckier and I try to remind her every day of how incredible she really is.

Lately, Landon has been suffering from some significant diaper rash. Karen even thought one spot may have had a bit of blood. It has cleared up some over the last two days but we really have been baffled by this occurrence. Nothing has changed in our daily routine or in Landon's and we are really stumped as to why this new annoyance started. At the least, we are now acutely aware of any time he has a dirty diaper and are sure to lather on the A&D ointment with each change. Maybe this is another growing pain that will diminish as he matures.

We have received several wonderful gifts in the mail lately and Karen and I wanted to express our admiration for all of your creativity and ability to find goats! We could probably decorate Little Goat's room entirely in goat d├ęcor now if we so wished. Anyway, we are so pleased with everything and recognize our good fortune. No family could expect support like this.

I may sound in a bit of a hurry tonight and I suppose I am. Working all day and caring for Landon when I get home can definitely wear on a person and I am realizing that I've lost a bit of my talent for staying up late that I had during school. We are looking forward to seeing our families again soon but right now we are enjoying our time in Manhattan and trying to rest as much as possible.

Happiness is only real when shared.


  1. Bless your family! Re diaper rash: Aidan (your classmate :) ) was in NICU for about 10 weeks, and the nurses told me to use monistat on a diaper rash, which is a yeast infection and hard to kill once it gets going. It works! And if Landon is taking antibiotics that could affect his "good" bacteria levels... Take care!

  2. The best thing ever for diaper rash is browned flour, put regular flour on a cookie sheet and bake it in the oven until it turns brown and use like baby powder. I used this method for my kids and it was a miracle cure, the rash was gone in a couple of days.

  3. I love hearing that Landon is making strides. I have been praying for you guys everyday! Best of luck to you guys!