Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landon Shrader Family Fish-Off

Landon, Karen and I have been the focus of incredible generosity over the past three months from numerous people and organizations. We could never have anticipated so many donations, nor do we wish to put financial strain on our selfless communities by asking for continued charitable giving. Instead, we have been considering organizing an annual event in Landon's name to encourage parents to enjoy each day and live in the moment with their kids. It would be a terrific side benefit if we are able to raise a few funds to help cover Landon's medical supplies as well.

 When we considered what type of event we wanted to host, we set a few criteria we wanted it to meet. First, we wanted to make sure it involved parents and kids having fun together. We also didn't want to exclude any individuals without children or kids that wanted to participate without a parent. We also wanted to encourage families to get outside an enjoy nature. As I've mentioned in past posts, Landon really loves the breeze and we try to take him out as much as possible, as the the sun and heat permits.

With those goals in mind, Karen and I have brainstormed for quite some time before landing on an idea we really like. While Karen's parents and sister visited this past weekend, we went down to the river and fished for a few hours. We had a chance to chat, laugh, relax, and celebrate together. It was the spark we needed and today after some discussion we developed an event I think fits perfectly into our event rubric.

We have tentatively named our event the Landon Shrader Family Fish-Off and would be hosted at a lake or river near Manhattan or Elmwood or even both if there was enough interest. It would be a fishing tournament of sorts with prizes, medals, trophies, or some other form of recognition for the biggest fish caught by age and gender (boys under 13, 13-21, 21-65, 65+ and the same for girls). We would like to have a special prize for the biggest combined weight by a parent and child team to encourage moms and dads to come out with their kids. The idea is only a few hours old and just a concept but we really like what we've got so far. The details of location, registration cost, prizes, etc are all yet to be determined so if you have any ideas I would be more than happy to hear them.

As far as Landon's health, the past 10 days have been highly uneventful, our favorite kind of days. We are anxiously anticipating his appointments on the 15th and 23rd. We're optimistic that we will receive good news at both. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts we receive every day. We definitely feel showered in blessings and it has made us for hopeful for the future. Little Goat gives us new reasons to smile every day and we are blessed by every extra moment we get to spend with him.

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  1. I continue to pray for your family. Little Goat is so lucky to have you guys as his parents.