Saturday, September 7, 2013

Settling into our routine

First off, I have to apologize for the long gap between blogs. As the saying goes, no news is good news. The last two weeks have been blissfully uneventful and we've been able to settle into a bit of a routine. As school picks back up for me, I have been able to develop a consistent study routine that still gives me time to hold and enjoy some stress relief with Little Goat. Karen has started working again and I know she and her coworkers are relishing the chance to reconnect. She has been so dedicated to caring for Landon for four months and she deserves this chance to get out the house and talk with adults instead of a baby all day long.

We did have one frightening moment late on Wednesday night when I was putting Landon to bed. Landon had been a little gassy so it took quite a while to rock him to bed after his 1 am feeding started. Finally, at just about 2:15, he was in a deep enough sleep to set him in his crib. However, the tube from his feeding bag caught between myself and the crib and actually pulled the g-button from his stomach with a loud "POP". Landon cried out in surprise but afterwards seemed to relax and I'm relatively sure he wasn't in any pain. It was very strange to see a hole in his tummy leading straight into his stomach and the situation was actually urgent. We had been warned that, should the plug come out, we had less than an hour to get to the emergency room to have it reinserted. Any wait longer than that dramatically increases his risk of infection as well as the fistula starting to heal closed, which would require surgical correction.

We quickly arrived at the Mercy emergency room but were disappointed by how long it took to see a doctor. We even called ahead and warned them of our arrival but it took over 45 minutes for a doctor to see us and reinsert the plug. I understand that they are busy but the process is relatively simple but a prolonged wait would result in another surgical procedure. As it stands, if the plug should ever be pulled out again, I will replace it myself. After watching them closely, the simplicity of procedure surprised me. The balloon holding the plug in place is deflated through a valve with a syringe. The plug is rinsed with a sterilizing agent (chlorhexadine or isopropyl alcohol) then water and replaced. Finally the balloon is refilled and checked for placement. All in all, I am much more worried about the fistula healing closed while we wait to be seen than I am about following the correct reinsertion procedure. Many times I have been very pleased with the emergency services in Manhattan but that night we were both disappointed.

Finally I'd like to thank everyone that braved the 100+ degree heat to participate in the fishoff and fish-fry this past Saturday. We had a wonderful time and I hope you did too. We did have quite a bit of food remaining after the cookout and as such we will be hosting another fish-fry in Nebraska on the 28th of September for those who are interested in eating. We will also be fishing that day and anyone who wants is welcome to join us but won't be hosting a tournament with such short notice. We are finalizing a location right now but I will post on my facebook page and the blog as well when we have made a decision.Thank you for all your support and love, God Bless.

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